mock evolution, the so-called micro-"evolution"

Evolutionists try to paint the world, with their (useless and unlikely) ideology. Starting with Darwin, they may promise you the sun, but at most, what they may give you is what is already in your pocket, or less.

In summary, macro-evolution is an untestable hypotheses, while the renaming of various phenomena as micro-"evolution" is just the evolutionist's taste. There is no value in that, or worse, if that would confuse people by invoking macro-evolutionary fantasies, then probably, the term micro-"evolution" is totally counter-productive. (Why count strawberries with apples? That is false.) I propose jettisoning that jargon. In the interim, we may opt for referring to that as mock-evolution. No new species.


Gene-guiding through public policies, resembles shepherdry, grazing sheep, keeping wolves away.

Want other metaphor? Take free-market dynamics (economics), or public policy (political science).

To refer to that as micro-"evolution" is just a metaphor. If all you list is mock-evolutionary (well-known, replicable, normally visible, highly-probable) phenomena, then expect people to readily tell the same, with different metaphor. Nothing is permanently "evolving" in mock-evolution. The public statistics inform us, and if we would exert pressure (through our favoring this/that policy), the statistics may follow.

If thinking microbes as a mass, then we may refer to the thing as a free-market, or public-policy, in a test-tube. The lab-scientist replaces the U.S. president, in setting the similar to government incentives.

The introductory political science books tell that governing is a process, favoring/weighing the interests of various people (labor vs. corporate, etc).

Clinton had promised "change." Naturally, his public policies were different than his predecessor, favoring different categories of people. Have the U.S. people become some new species, or those who benefited from the Clinton policies, were mutants?

Next, Bush made you yet another species (maybe, new mutants)? No, again.

They govern. We live, interacting with the rest of the population.

Nothing fundamental changes. Joneses may buy house, or Smiths may get rich.

Public-policy-in-a-test-tube, is a lovely metaphor, to get rid of that junk term "evolution." I think, to evolve is only what a project does -- & while evolving a project, we frequently request help from God, normally.

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