Jesus (a.s.)

We, the muslims, acknowledge Jesus (a.s.) as a valid (Islamic) prophet, of old times. He was a human, born to a virgin mother, about 2000 years ago. His message was changed, after he passed away. By the time the next prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.) arrived, there were very few authentic followers of Jesus (a.s.)

We are informed that, Jesus (a.s.) wanted to join the followers of Muhammed (s.a.s.). That is why he returns to the world. The last prophet is Muhammed (s.a.s.), for the whole world, till doomsday. Quran is the well-preserved message, the way it was revealed.

The Virgin Mother

We acknowledge that Jesus (a.s.) was born to a virgin mother, Mary/Meryem (r.a.) Our holy book, Quran, is the only religious-sacred text, to confirm this. Even in the bible, as kept today by christians, the scholars point out that, in its original Greek words, she is referred to only as a "young female." In light of Quran's affirming her virginity, we understand that, although the remnant-texts-of-bible, may not have written it, the christian people, have kept the truth, through oral tradition, and when they translated it to English, or other languages, they reflected this knowledge, with their word-preference.

Do Christians and Muslims Expect the same person?

It depends. Many christian churches, especially the western churches, believe in trinity. That means, they assume Jesus (a.s.) as god. We reject that.

Therefore, although there is no other expected Jesus (a.s.), the attributes differ, and I cannot guess, whether we should refer to that as the same.

Do Muslims consider the Bible as a Sacred text?

We acknowledge that Allah, the God had revealed a book, the Bible, to Jesus (a.s.), but we are informed that, it has been changed, after Jesus (a.s.) passed away. When he returns, we may learn the original text of the Bible, too.

In fact, even for non-muslims, it is inferrable. The current Bible is written by (at least) four authors. The four texts, were only four of the many available texts, when the council (in 325 A.D.) selected them. Even the four of them are not identical, though. If each were exact-replicas of the original bible, they should be identical. As a result, at those points where they differ, at most a single author may have provided an exact copy of what bible contained. That is why, we should rather ask it from Jesus (a.s.), when he returns.

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