living (& traveling) through
phenomenal time

The phenomenologic concept of fate & time I subscribe to, is coming from Islamic know-how.

The retro-psychokinesis experimenting of physics is related to phenomenology.

That is, although there is a single past, that is definable by praying afterward.

This concept of phenomenology, is not "parallel universes". Single history.

The phenomenology of the past is in the sense of a path from the future. That is, I'm not subscribing to the "timeline" which shows "the future" strictly at right, while "the past" is shown as strictly at the left.

The exceptional cases that I refer to as phenomenological, are biiznillah, both in the past & future.

Other than instances modifiable from a future, but if seeing is available in the possibles (qader) of the visitor, then visiting/watching that instance of time, is in the sense of a photo gallery, or a 3D movie.

That is, the truly, totally past, is containing no volition, no life. Otherwise, who would have the volition/soul (assuming that past is truly past)? Yourself visiting that past, or your past self? That past-self was then able, having volition, but now that is past, thus, no volition, thus, no new sawab nor sin potential for that past self. A film, only.

That is not the case, when modifiable (not actually past, but "past"@future). In that case, your two selves (young & old) both are living through a point in life, both having their volitional instant, although not the volition of the "other" self (past vis a vis future, two volitions, collaborating for what is ultimately his/her ("their") common (Judgment day) account, that is, like editing different portions of a document.

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