art of loafing

For DIY biology research, the farmaze model is sufficiently versatile (rippling materials to recipe, then to your table). Thus, a formazing-farmazing combo.

More trivially, though, we may think that through the metaphor of baking. In Istanbul, a firin (bakery) would provide not only finished products (bread, lahmacun, pizza, etc), but co-operate in case housewives/people would request portions of their service -- raw dough, or owen, or both. Get dough for sophisticated craft, or if only to have lahmacun/pizza with tofu, take the topping to the firin, to pour on some dough.

For our metaphor, your loaf is the experiment you thought, for testing your hypothesis, but you may handle that (maybe, virtually) loafing through some bio-af4r, automatizing-facility-for-research, if

For a full set of all-remote experiment, that af4r may well exist far away -- interactable through internet.

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