Praying is the Islamic tool, for invoking the might of the Omnipotent, Allah, for our favor.

spells to fend off the evil

The Quranic, felaq (113), & nas (114) from the Quran, known to defend against witchcraft -- [and] genies.

The Quranic, ayetel kursi is known to burn genies, especially the last portion, told in a loop. Persevere.

From hadith, to pray before sleep -- & surely, all right to pray other time, too, when you wish.

	euzü bi kelimatillahittammeti
	min gaDabihi ve liqabihi
	ve min sherril uboodihi
	ve min hemezatish-sheyaTîn

Or, in the phonetic Arabic notation I had published,

	min GaDabihi veliQa'bihi
	ve min $err=il Oubu'dihi
	ve min hemeCati$$=eya'Ti'n

There is a different euzübikelimatillahittammeti, too. From when, he (s.a.s.) was about to be assaulted by some evil genies. Presumably, that is also from a hadith. Presumably, both work well. Both are requesting from Allah.

for a regular defense

The issue that we discuss is to defend our privacy, thus, we may reflect what a regular list may have. For example, ...

In the morning, 16 times (or, if you wish, go for 100), the phrase "Ya HafiZ" (that is, "Oh, Protector!") because el-HafiZ is a name of Allah. This wird is not specific to occult issues. Traffic accidents, mass shootings, rats, all off.

Suspicious of food as poison? The regular defense is the "bismillahi ve billahillezi la yeDurru meOsmihi sheyun fil erDi, vela fissemai, ya Hayy, ya Qayyum" against all poisoning cases. Marker-in-food is a kind of poison, too.

The "ya Qudduws" is resembling the subhanallah tesbih, as el-Qudduws is the-free-from-all-defects. That is suggested to defend against the antichrist -- presumably, through poking at the antichrist by contrapositive, pejorative sense, in the sense of the hadiths pointing out the failings of the antichrist, in contrast to the perfect, Allah. (Abraham (a.s.) is reported to have told the similar, about Nemrut. That is, "if he is god, why has he left himself ugly?") That is, while the antichrist is trying to nullify Allah, Allah is pejorative by poking, pointing out the humanly (& then some) failures of the antichrist. Note that, the antichrist, in Arabic, is called "ad-dajjal," that is, the charlatan, the worthless. In contrast, "subhanallah" (& "ya Qudduws!") acknowledge that Allah is faultless.

Ya settar, is for privacy, invoking Allah, to hide. Normally, although we may have nothing to hide, that is obviously no point to allow people to see our privacies. That is obscene. Thus, settar-ul-uyub (that who is hiding the shameful things of people), is applicable, for example while your spouse is in your arm, or when you are in your bathroom. Not that the thing is intrinsically wrong, but other people watching that, is wrong. Not to mention that, such evil ugly types who bug your privacy, may be more evil, as is often the case. Thus, hide not to be puppets.

People keep confusing the issue of puppetry, in the case of witch assaults. Most so, in the case of the bewitchedness of Muhammed (s.a.s.). For a well-principled person, let alone the prohet of Allah, the offenses have presumably no chance of success, in making committing some sin.

But, your time is wasted, your life may be watched, your body may reflect illness symptoms (most likely, having no organic explanation, or only in the psychosomatic/placebo side-effects category), your face may twitch in micro-expressions that may not even reflect what you think, but what the evil is slandering you. This list is not unimportant, but that is not troubling the message.

The Quranic Yasin(36):9 ayet, is reported good for invisibleness. Available for all, all the time? Try for yourself.

In this world that turns out to contain lots of hidden somethings, if you would like to grasp at a high level, then request that, relating to Allah through his name el-baTın (the Hidden, the root of all hidden truth, nothing beyond Him), that is, "ya baTın." People report (presumably hadith?), that zikr/wird is good toward sainthood.

If for sainthood, weliyyullah (friend of Allah), your work-out may list "ya weliyy" (well-ee), too.

The two names of Him, el-Hayy (the Non-Sleeping, Non-Numb), el-Qayyum (the In Charge, that is), may do well, too. After all, what we request is to get protected from what we do not see. Not that we want all the information in the Universe. Thus, to request from Allah, that He would attend to automate our defense, is wise.

Note that, the two are the names trailing the poison-defense that I just listed. The Qayyum is what physics assumes, the constancy of the Universe (known to Newton), regulated (known to Quantum physicists, but in the opposite wording, from their human POV). Allah is in charge.

I only list a few. Like for all praying cases, Allah is active in evaluating your wishes. Allah may open up a wisdom point that I may hardly know [at the time of this publishing] -- let alone, knowing how-to-tell. All people walk their specific optimal path, as Allah is the mastermind. That is why free-market is Islamically supported.

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