above the reptile level

Evolutionists think the portion of the human brain common with reptiles, is linkable to evolutionism.

But, more eloquently, that sounds reflecting one point of the Quranic surah, Tin (95), as linkable to a few issues in the Quran. I had reflected about what the core stupid, the satan, meant when responding to Allah by that absurd logic that "Adam is from earth/mud, while I'm from fire, therefore, I'm superior."

That is, before there was the first human, Adam (a.s.), there were the other earth-based creatures, such as the reptiles. The satan was generalizing falsely, without noticing that the new species had more than the older earthenware. By keeping the reptile-like portion at the base clearly as was, Allah is pointing out that, yes, the satan may be above the reptile portion, but humans have more beyond that.

The satans may manipulate people only so far as we/they may reduce us to reptileness portion of our brain. That is, by yielding to the satanic suggestions, people lose the high-principled emotionally-intelligent level, falling back to the reptile level, at which, satans may invoke fitna to have people hurt people. The mediating human attitude, talking with your peers (mushawara, etc.) is not reptilish.

The reptile-people fall victim to their evil masters, the satans -- just as I pointed that out in the reptileness as the brain-deadness index, in drive-doubts.

Thus, the reptile-brain issue is the irony, or, that is, the firmly-pointed-out point of Allah, when telling in the Quran, Tin(95) surah, that, Allah has created humans in the best way, but a human may descend to the lowest, except those of us who keep the way Allah would like people to.

That is the FoJ/FoM vs. reptileness tension, then. People may behaviorally fall, to that lowest level of reptileness. Or, heed Islam, to rise to the highest, FoJ/FoM level.

If to tie the evolutionism issue to the end of the Tin surah, Allah states that "Why do you keep lieing? Isn't Allah the wisest of the wise?" Allah creates the Universe. The unbelievers try to attribute His creations to other "gods" or "evolution." Even when the irony He is invoking is so sophisticated (as intelligent-design people list lots of thus), evolutionists try to hijack the issue.

Evolutionists want to explain that as the new layers (somehow) forming on top of the old structure, thus, (somehow) affording new behavioral intelligence.

I had left a book on "Emotional Intelligence" at a corner of my library, because of its infatuation with evolutionism. But, when right after I got into the reptileness (brain-deadness) issue for drive-doubts (the game), & a human-reptileness article was referring to that evolutionism again, I came back to the issue.

If to contrast to the evolutionary claim, see the classical (1985) text of Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis." He points out how obviously, there is no such incremental staging from this to that species, as far as biochemistry is concerned.

We may only guess whether evolutionists are only trying to be funny. (See the "Double Helix" account of how people try to fool others, for fun. They take that to their professional life, too?) But one point is especially outrageous. Their "philosophizing" is so low-level that, even when they start the "thinking" as "If we would assume God is, ..." that turns out not to allow the God even the free-will of a laboratory rat. For example, Gould, in A View Of Life, was trying to poke "If there is the god, why species are here, not there?" I wondered what he would think, if he would see my toothbrush in a glass in my library, rather than in the bathroom. Do I not exist? Besides, he was failing to mention that the mammals of a wide variety exist, similar in shapes, but differing in their pocket-having or not. How come?

The summary is that, the Quranic account is sophisticatedly all right. No base left to evolutionism.

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